About AGLOM Cause. Why Was AGLOM Started?

Why was AGLOM Started – Our Cause? Armours of Glory Ministries are a Ugandan registered Christian-based Non-Profit Organization registration No. 80020001536446, which extends a hand to support the less privileged, especially by offering them education and skills empowerment.

Join Us to Support the Cause

Join us in supporting the cause! As the new academic year begins in Uganda, remember that education truly holds the key to success. Your contribution, no matter the amount, can make a significant difference in sending a child to school. Let’s come together to ensure that every child has the opportunity to access education and unlock their potential.

Our Cause

Home to the needy

Supporting the Endeavor to construct a new home and school for AGLOM CHILDREN’S HOME holds significant importance in childhood development. The initiative to assist them in building their own facilities can profoundly impact the lives of children, fostering stability and providing conducive environments for their growth. Your support towards this cause is crucial in ensuring a better future for these children.

Our Cause

Church Planting

According to our divine revelation, God has communicated to us the profound insight that achieving comprehensive social transformation necessitates initiating change from within, focusing on the inner essence of individuals—their souls. This spiritual guidance underscores the importance of nurturing the inner being, fostering personal growth, and cultivating values that resonate with the greater good of society. By prioritizing the spiritual development of individuals, we can lay a solid foundation for addressing the root causes of societal challenges and fostering lasting positive change.

Our Cause

Girl Child & Parenting

Our aim is to halt child parenthood and early marriages through capacity building initiatives, providing skills acquisition opportunities, and offering essential support with basic requirements.

Armours of Glory Ministries(AGLOM)