Agriculture Project
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Agriculture Project

Farming for household’s food and income. Agriculture is the main economic activity of Uganda’s people, we thought of it as important to have it as a program in our activities. Under this, we grow crops like tomatoes, fruits, cereals, and vegetables, and keeping of animals like goats and poultry where ducks are also involved. By doing agriculture, after harvesting, AGLOM children get fruits from garden, when we sell, there is a percentage that goes directly to the home to manage the well-being of the children.

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Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child $18,164 per term, $54, 493 per year. Help a child realize his or her educational needs. Each child pays $100 per month, $250 per term. In our sponsorship, we support children right from Kindergarten through Primary to higher levels.

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Food for the Needy

Food for the Needy: $96/day, $2,800/month, $34,560/year AGLOM is currently taking care of 78 children, and 10 adults helping out.

Volunteer at Armours of Glory Ministries
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Buying Our Home

Orphans sometimes move to an orphanage, sometimes stay in their family home, sometimes become homeless, but most often move to increasingly crowded guardian households. I am happy that AGLOM CHILDREN’S now we’re buying our house that will not fall down in the rain.

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Skills development for the underprivileged

We are planning to resume the skilling and empowering the youths and women with hands-on skills in Uganda. We already have a group of 300 youths and women who are yearning to learn new skills for survival in life and still more are registering. Teaching them new skills can positively put an impact on the life well-being, employment and career development,and also uplifting there individual families. Partner with AGLOM to Change a Life.