Food for the Needy

Food for the Needy: $50/day, $1500/month, 18,000/year AGLOM is currently taking care of 60 children, and 10 adults helping out. We currently spend $50 per day, $350 per week, $1550 per month.

Own School, Land & Home for the Needy Project

Support us to buy land, build a home and our own school to serve many better.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child $15,000 per term, $45,000 per year. Help a child realize his or her education needs. Each child pays $100 per month, $250 per term. Our total cost for the 60 children per term is currently $15,000 & $45,000 per year

Skills development for the under privileged

635 Youths and Women being empowered with hands-on skills Countrywide.

Playground Equipment for the Children of Armours of Glory Ministries

Swinging helps develop gross motor skills—pumping legs, running, jumping.

Agriculture Project

Farming for households food and income
Who we Are

Armours of Glory Ministries Uganda

We are a Ugandan registered Christian based Non-Profit Organization registration No. 80020001536446, that extends a hand to supporting the less privileged especially offering them education and skills empowerment.


AGLOM envisions “Communities being empowered spiritually, economically and the Needy Children living dignified and fulfilled lives”


"To evangelise to communities with the word of God through outreches, crusades as well as conferences, open up churches , empower the needy children and their families through charitable services and capacity building so that they acquire education and other essential necessities hence becoming responsible people."


● To support support families ,orphans and other vulnerable children through addressing their spiritual and basic needs such as food, clean water, beddings, medical care and education.

● Ensure that the beneficiaries develop Life Skills that will enable them become self reliant, responsible and productive members of the society.

Home to the needy

Over the past 7 years, amours of glory ministries has always rented a house that has been home and training ground for many souls who have run to us for refuge and shelter

Education & Skills

A skills development school for all our beneficiaries and their needy parents to get equipped with hand skills to make items like crafts, leather bags, beads, and other handheld accessories.

Girl Child & Parenting

We aim to stop child parents & early marriages through capacity building, with skills acquisition and supporting with basic requirements.

Church Planting

God spoke to us that if if we are to cause complete social transformation, we need to start with we need to start with the inner person, the soul.

Past & Upcoming Events

Our Events

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How Can You Help?

Join the cause through your donation, or as volunteer, material donations are also welcome.