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Founder Pastor Charles Luutu narrates the Aglom & his personal story

The Armours of Glory Ministries story, Founder Pastor Charles Luutu tells his personal and organization story.

I was born on 31/12/1973 In a village called Kitto in Luwero District, Central Uganda in the East Africa region. My parents gave birth to me when they were still young and in school.

I believe my mother was naturally kind to everyone. She was unsure exactly of who my father was in that, two men claimed me. I was lucky because many children in Uganda have no parents that claim them. My first father gave me a name and the second gave me another until the D.N.A. test proved who the real father was

My mother left me with my grandmother when I was 6 Months old. Each time she could try to take me to my father's home, step mothers could beat me up seriously. By time, there was no law on child protection if it was there, it was not respected.

Of the two men who claimed me, none was willing to take me to school but God used good Samaritans to pay my tuition up to O-Level, I then joined a professional driving school and became a good driver.

The father I have now had 8 wives, who used to beat me. My fathers is Muslim and in our village there was only one school, which was a Muslim school.

I thank God who chose me the way I was, and I gave my life to Jesus Christ at the age of 18 years. Since then, my life has changed. After my driving school, I got a job at Ridar Hotel Mukono as a driver.

It was at this job that I met a group of three strangers from America, who later impacted my life in a special way. Three of them Louie Madura, Doug Collins and Steve Grandmeire.

They asked about my life story & future plans, after a conversation with them, they decided to pay for my tuition at the bible college, on completion I started ministry not only as a Pastor but also a vital member of the community; who takes care of orphans, vulnerable children and other people who are in need.

I have a son called Luutu Elyon Jesse of 10 years who currently I stay with together with other people under my care.

Since I grew up in a lot of agony, 2006 the Lord called me in ministry and 2013 I officially registered Armours Of Glory Ministries as a Christian based Organization registration No. 80020001536446 in Uganda with other 4 Directors. Namely; Nakintu Norah a Mother of my Child, Pastor Mutala Daniel, Sselunjoji Henry and Pastor Kyaligamba Mary.

After registering the ministry, we started visiting prisons and friends from Church of God World Mission could help us with transport and a box of soap to take to prisoners.

I and the Mother of my child started by helping a child called Kansiime Daisy, a total orphan who we sensed was at the verge of succumbing to the notorious early marriage threat. When she reached in Primary seven, God gave us a sponsor Mr. Mark Douglas Collins who supported us through high school. When Daisy had just joined University, Mr. Douglas Collins (the sponsor) passed on. We thank God for his ex-wife who took took over and gave us immense support. By the Grace of God - Daisy graduated on 17th- January- 2020.

The ministry now has 59 children and 10 adults under our care. My heart beats for children especially those who are in need.

I encourage & invite everyone to join me in this noble cause. Thank you very much and may God bless you.

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What We Do?

Armours of Glory Ministries Uganda

We are a Ugandan registered Christian based Non-Profit Organization Organization registration No. 80020001536446, that extends a hand to supporting the less privileged especially offering them education and skills empowerment.


AGLOM envisions “Communities being empowered spiritually, economically and the Needy Children living dignified and fulfilled lives”


“To evangelize to communities with the word of God through capacity building, out-reaches, crusades and conferences and to empower and or open up churches, empower the needy Children and their families so that they acquire education and other basic necessities of life where necessary”.


To empower communities through capacity building of families and to support  orphans, vulnerable children and bring hope to them through addressing their basic needs including food, shelter, beddings medical care education and other necessities to empower and realize the young generation.

Home to the needy

Over the past 7 years, amours of glory ministries has always rented a house that has been home and training ground for many souls who have run to us for refuge and shelter

Education & Skills

A skills development school for all our beneficiaries and their needy parents to get equipped with hand skills to make items like crafts, leather bags, beads, and other handheld accessories.

Girl Child & Parenting

We aim to stop child parents & early marriages through capacity building, with skills acquisition and supporting with basic requirements.

Churches Planting

God spoke to us that if if we are to cause complete social transformation, we need to start with we need to start with the inner person, the soul.

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Director - PRO

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Director - Secretary

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Director - Finance


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