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Am called Akello Vikie aged 28 years old, am a single mother. since you well know that Gulu district has been suffering wars for several years. Many girls have ended up falling victims of early marriages, domestic violence and rampat school dropouts, life was not easy during that tragic time. I gave birth to a child in a lot of hardships. After acquiring skills my life changed. I am a tailor based in kitengi skills wear, both male and female. I can be able to provide for my daughter necessities and the basic needs in my home.

May God bless the Armours Of Glory Ministries!



Akello Vickie

I am called Edward aged 32 years. I stay in Seeta-Mukono.

I was a business man and my business collapsed after a certain period of time. One fateful Sunday my Sister came and told me that she had met the Director of Armours Of Glory Ministries  who had come to pay a visit in their Church (Seeta Zion Church).

And went ahead to tell me the different skills that were under that Organization. I picked interest and went to their offices and joined the training.  I learnt to make the liners and beaded hand bags.

Right now I am able to make liners and supply to different shops in Kampala and other towns (suburbs). I can employ other people to also do the same work for us to meet my customers’ orders.

I thank God for the skills that I attended, I have been able to fulfill most of my goals in life.

Praise God!



I Visited Gulu town, I made a followup to see how far the people we have trained have gone with their work as a result of the skills they have acquired.

I thanks God that all people we taught skills have put them in Practice, they have opened up their own businesses and they are extremely happy and earning from what they do.

They create jobs and start employing others which is very good.

I request all those with enough capacity to sustain others, the Government, Organizations, Companies and Individuals to come and partner with us because AGLOM reaches to the ground or to a common man. So your support will be a blessing.

Mr. Charles Luutu

I am Called Colline Ataro, Am married with two children and aged 29 years from Gulu District.

Before I joined Armours Of Glory Ministries life was hard, because sustaining all our necessities in our home was not easy.

After joining AGLOM I acquired tailoring skill. I can be able to get an extra income that can support my family, basic needs and other necessities. I advise all ladies out there though you’re married, you should endeavor to acquire these skills because they can really help sustain our welfare and improve our livelihoods.

Glory be to God!

Colline Ataro

I am called Josephine Angeyo, Aged 31 years, aged 31 years, and a single mother of one daughter. During the war in Gulu District I dropped out of School as a result, I got an un wanted pregnancy.

Life was too hard for me, for some time. I did not have enough help or provisions for myself and the baby.

But after joining AGLOM I acquired skills in hand bags making.

Right now I work in Gulu main market, am able to make purses, hand bags and sell to people. As a result I provide all my necessities with my Child. I can even help to support my parents and other family members.

Tel: +256 789 162 995

Thank you Jesus!

Josephine Angeyo


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