Our Causes

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child $15,000 per term, $45,000 per year. Help a child realize his or her education needs. Each child pays $100 per month, $250 per term. Our total cost for the 60 children per term is currently $15,000 & $45,000 per year

Own School, Land & Home for the Needy Project

Support us to buy land, build a home and our own school to serve many better.

Home for the needy

We currently have 59 children in our congested home

Skills development for the under privileged

635 Youths and Women being empowered with hands-on skills Countrywide.

Food for the Needy

Food for the Needy: $50/day, $1500/month, 18,000/year AGLOM is currently taking care of 60 children, and 10 adults helping out. We currently spend $50 per day, $350 per week, $1550 per month.

Agriculture Project

Farming for households food and income

Clean Water for All

Each person on Earth requires at least 20 to 50 liters of clean