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3(1)Unlike many organizations, Armours Of Glory wants sponsors to have a direct line of communication with our vulnerable children’s parents, their leaders, and the children. We make formal introductions and encourage both parties to get to know each other through emails and letters. We want lasting relationships to develop so sponsors can see their children grow and progress to eventually become responsible adults. In addition, all the information that a sponsor may need is made available, such as, correspondence, monitoring reports, and pictures of children. We are also more than happy to assist in delivering anything that sponsors feel the children need. We also encourage sponsors to visit our project and the children they sponsor to truly make a lasting experience.

We welcome interested parties wishing to sponsor a child and be part of that child’s life in a meaningful way. Sponsors will receive several letters and photos from the child or children they sponsor every term. Your sponsorship can turn into a long and lasting relationship with the child and you will see the benefits of your sacrifice as you watch your child grow and development into a well-rounded individual. Our Child Sponsorship Program aims at providing the needy and vulnerable children from very poor families with a healthy and successful start to their lives.

This support system will also restore many families’ hopes for their children’s futures as they are given the opportunity to develop into self-sufficient able bodied men and women who in future will also contribute positively to their communities.

You sponsor — a child is rescued — that’s family

New Image23Our names are Emmanuel and Nicole are looking for sponsors for our Education.


We need your help! There are still many Ugandan children in great need of assistance to complete their education. Without sufficient support, these children risk being expelled because of an inability to pay tuition while others will never have the chance to attend school. Can you help us empower children with scarce resources to change their circumstances through education?



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