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Armours Of Glory Skills development proposal

Armours of Glory ministries–Uganda recognizes the spiritual, social, economic and physical struggles and hardships of the poor people of Uganda and Children under their care

We are determined to meet the Educational, Social, Mental, Economic and physical needs of some of the poor people of Uganda and children under our care and to do it in a manner that promotes dignity of mankind which protects and preserves the environment in which we live and share with all humankind in the world and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uganda.

In an endeavor towards the economic empowerment, Armours of glory ministries plans to start up an income generating activity under YOUTH SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT in form of MAKING CRAFTS SHOES AND BAGS. This project fits within the goal of ensuring that ARMOURS OF GLORY MINISTRIES equips the poor and children with skills to become economically self-supportive and also a self-sustaining church. Currently, ARMOURS OF GLORY MINISTRIES depend on income that is realized from sales of shoes and bags from the students that it trains and contribution from well-wishers which are not sustainable hence struggling to empower the local community and achieving other objectives.

The overall objective of implementing this project is to enable Armours of glory ministries and its beneficiaries to increase their income and to empower the local community with skills. After the craft shoe and bags project has taken off, the ministry will continue giving the youth skills while venturing in other businesses using the proceeds from the business.

In the first 3 month of operation, the ministry will retain the proceeds of the business. The beneficiaries will be skilled youth in the ministry who have groups and the local communities who are grouped and already have micro enterprises and need support for improving their micro enterprises. The youth will form groups and the ministry in agreement with the committee will provide financial support from the proceeds to support the groups majorly in life skills development and enhancement.

This project will begin in October 2016.

The total budget for this project will be: UGX30,701,000 (US$9304)

Background and History:

ARMOURS OF GLORY MINISTRIES mission is to evangelize to communities with the word of God through capacity building, outreaches, crusades and conferences and to empower and or open up churches, empower the needy Children and their families so that they acquire education and other basic necessities of life where necessary.

In relation to this ARMOURS OF GLORY MINISTRIES plans to start a wide crafts shoe making and bags project so as to enable the ministries raise the necessary financial resources to open more vocational training centers and empower the youth and local communities so as to increase their household income.

Since the beginning, the ministry has grappled with implementation of its activities due to limited financing of otherwise good business ideas and youth skillful projects.

Poverty eradication Action Plan of the Country does support youth employment and we shall do this through giving the youth skills, employment. This will partly address the youth unemployment and the same time generate revenue for the ministry and the local communities.

This project aims at availing the ministry with the much needed capital and reverse economic trends of the target beneficiaries by setting up a craft shoe making and bags project, as a micro enterprise project.With this income, the Ministry will be able to set up their own micro businesses.This is a viable and profitable project because we have an established business premises, there is high demand for our products,we have skilled youths who will provide both market and labor for this project. The various supermarkets ,shops, schools around will provide ready market for shoes and bags and other districts around the country.This is the first project that we are requesting for funding from you.

Problem Statement/Description:

Armours of glory ministries is surrounded by Communities where the poor and the orphaned children live, idle youth who are attracted into misleading activities by politicians. The social economic indicators of the area show high child malnutrition, unemployment, and high poverty levels which is perpetuated by limited micro enterprise opportunities.

The Ministry is overwhelmed by the lack of capital, machines and influx of youth who are jobless and uneducated. As a result the ministry is faced with a challenge to fulfill its business obligation and handle the big number of youth who need training and employment among us.

ARMOURS OF GLORY intends to address the situation mentioned above by establishing a micro enterprise development project in the community. This project will contribute towards enabling The ministry be self-reliant and to train the Youth to exhibit the motivation and skills to be economically self- supporting, and it will also relieve the ministry of the burden of begging and lagging behind in implementing its projects.


Specific Objectives

1. To increase income generation opportunities for the ministry by enabling it to access

financial support using the proceeds from the craft shoes and bags sales.

2. To provide employment and skills to the youth and the local community and in turn improve their household income and welfare.

Methods, Implementation Plans, Activity Management and Timelines:

This activity will be implemented with guidance from the Organization Leadership at ARMOURS OF GLORY MINISTRIES. The Skilled staff will be trained in basic management of the project to enable them operate the project.

Trained youth will offer labor in form of making shoes, bags, loading, offloading and marketing.

Activities will include purchase of the sewing machines, finishing machine, leather materials, layers, straps etc. Setting up a sales place specifically renting a room for one month.

The ministry leadership will be in charge of recruiting and organizing orientation of the team that will be in charge of the project. The project will have the technical section, sales, section, accounting and book keeping. The entire team will be led by the manager, who will report to the Director of the organization and the committee at the ministry.


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