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Armours of Glory Ministries is an interdenominational nongovernmental organization (NGO), registration number 9727, established in 2012 by Mr. Luutu Charles.

AGLOM is a service and advocacy organisation located 1.5 km along Kayunga road in Nasuuti -Mukono Uganda.
The work of AGLOM is replicated through women’s groups and teams of church-based community volunteers.

These committed volunteers receive training in many skills including how to set up, manage and sustain income-generating projects to restore people’s dignity and independence, and how to care for the most needy individuals or families in their villages.

Many communities are in the remote areas of Uganda where access to any other support is minimal or absent.
While adolescents both boys and girls are entitled to decent livelihoods, girls face misappropriate risks and distinctive consequences from the vulnerabilities experienced. There’s clear and compelling evidence that investment in girls has broader and positive impacts.

  • Tailoring training for the adolescent girls
  • Craft shoe making
  • Ladies hand bags,purses, wallets, key holders
  • Picture painting


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